Optimization of corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)

Currently, GRC as a system of corporate governance, risk management and compliance is becoming increasingly in demand, as it is a tool for standardization and improving the efficiency of all departments of the organization. In the overwhelming majority of Russian enterprises, this system is only partially implemented, if at all. However, there are areas traditionally strong in these issues - first of all, these are financial companies that use most of the blocks of the GRC system. However, even for organizations that use the presented technology, the question of its optimization is becoming increasingly relevant. This is due to the following factors:


  • building risk management and compliance using identical schemes;
  • increased influence of reputational risks;
  • pressure from regulators;
  • increased fraud;
  • increased uncertainty.


These factors lead to the need to restructure all the components of the GRC system.

R-Pro Consulting together with the Dutch company GRCMD Ltd. proposes to carry out the optimization of all processes within the framework of GRC in order to significantly increase the accuracy, efficiency, and automation of risk management and compliance. Optimization is carried out in two stages:

1. The first stage of optimization is an audit of the current processes of each block of the GRC system:

а) corporate governance (building / alignment of corporate structure);
b) risk management (economic, social, political, country, environmental, reputational, etc.);
c) compliance (compliance with national, regional, international requirements);
d) corporate security (elimination of facts and opportunities of intracorporate fraud).

Based on the audit results, consultants provide a report on the status of the processes and the possibilities for their improvement.

2. The second stage is the direct implementation of the recommendations of the consultants, which includes gradual operational, informational and technical changes in the processes related to GRC.


The optimization of GRC processes will help both companies in the real and financial sectors, increase the internal and external security of companies, and will help to make informed decisions in a shorter time.


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