Digital engineering

Digital engineering is a complex of services for digital organizational and technological design and optimization of production and logistics processes and equipment operation modes. Services include the supply, configuration, adaptation and implementation of software, engineering works that are used in the modernization of existing or in the creation of new smart industries, logistics centers, laboratories, automated and robotic equipment and mechatronics.



Creating fully functional virtual production layouts in the Industry 4.0 paradigm


  • 3D modeling of production layout - from a separate workplace to the enterprise as a whole
  • Setting rules for the dynamic behavior of production objects
  • Creation and use of a knowledge bank of pre-configured digital 3D simulation models of production objects (robots, conveyors, equipment, mannequins of people, etc.)
  • 3D simulation, debugging and production control
  • The use of laser 3D scanning of existing production and processing of "point cloud"
  • The use of pre-configured models for such types of production processes as plasma and laser cutting, bending, turning, milling, etc. mech. processing, assembly and welding, painting, bead-blasting, anti-corrosion treatment, additive manufacturing, etc.



Calculation, simulation testing and optimization of organizational and technological parameters of production and logistics processes






  • Building and digital optimization of production and logistic processes
  • Simulation, calculation and optimization of org.-tech. parameters (performance, rhythm, tact, complexity, removal of products, etc.)
  • Optimization of work plans and capacity utilization and space
  • Optimization and rationing of manual labor with the use of scientific organization, ensuring ergonomic labor






Off-line programming, simulation and debugging of automated equipment with CNC and robots






  • Off-line programming, most types of robots (Kuka, Siemens, ABB, Fastems, Panasonic, Kawasaki, Yaskawa, Motorman, etc.)
  • Program analysis, simulation, debugging, robot training.
  • Optimization of operating modes of automated equipment and robots
  • Energy saving
  • Kinematic calculations, trajectory calculations, optimization, calibration and testing of robots, minimizing errors
  • Simulation, debugging and optimization of mechatronics operation modes.



Robotic control systems for production and logistics and other processes using laser scanning and control


  • Quality control of surface treatment, quality of welds, gaps and grooves, and more. other
  • Geometry control (linear, volumetric, and other sizes)
  • Laser 3D scanning and control of compliance of a product and 3D model
  • Laser guidance and correction of robots and automated equipment
  • Laser 3D scanning and control of compliance with the digital model and real production and logistics processes, statistical analysis.



Possibilities of creating analytical and presentation materials using 3D simulation

  • Online analytics, reports, 3D pdf, video


Visual Components


Offline programming robots

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